06 February 2016

[Pics] MAYUKI Goodness


I don’t know guys, I feel like there should be an official MAYUKI brand logo or something.

Anyway, here are those pics I was talking about of MAYUKI during these past few months. Feels like forever since I posted pics of them, let alone my Goddess. Then again, she hasn’t been that active in the Photoshoot business lately!

Alright already, let’s move onto the goodness…

05 December 2012

NGZ46 4th Single Coupling ~ Yubi Bouenkyou


How pretty~


Iz dat some…I spy?

And Fuck yeah! Manatsu-chan~


So damn pretty~

This PV is so damn pretty. Why, Lords, why doesn’t AKB PVs ever look even half as good as their rivals/sisters’?!!

It’s a damned mystery, I tell ya!

Really, I don’t get it! Is Yasusu taking all the money AKB makes and dumps it into the sisters’/rival’s spending cow?!


I mean okay, that Team A PV came close but it still sucks that it was decimated by the frikkin SD disease!

Any way, this PV of another song on Nogizaka 46’s 4th single, is just so damn beautiful!

Seriously, it looks like it was filmed in Narnia or something….



It WAS filmed in Narnia!

Really, I love AKB but sometimes one can take so much you know. I mean it’s not like you can blame anything but you know, bitchiness! All other idol groups, even the new ones that are on a very limited budget dish out PVs way prettier than AKBs FFS!!


I feel like AKB is turning into a BRAND!

I don’t think I like that very much!

Any way, this isn’t a post about AKB so more caps…pretty caps after the jump.

25 November 2012

Christmas is already here!!


Sorry guys but I am celebrating early!

How could I not, with all these lovely Maachun scans that are coming out of absolutely nowhere!

Truth be told I was getting tired of all the SayaMilky magazine shots! Seriously, I was starting to think they were the only members in NMB48!

Not that there is any change in that regard, nope, they are still dissing out shoots like they are models first and Idols second!

And I actually like those two (Sayanee is like my 2nd NMB Oshi and Milky is a B, duh) so it says something when I frown upon them.

But all is not lost!

Ma~chun finally get to release something (More than a page anyway) and dear readers, am I ever filled with joyful madness!!

macchun2-05 macchun2-07a


So few but Oh so very priceless!!